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Trustly: A Game-Changer for Secure Transactions in Online Casinos 

Byzestful Grace

Apr 5, 2024
Online Casinos

While online casino gambling for the sake of fun is entertaining, for most players, playing without winning makes little sense. If you can’t bet and win real money, let alone can’t withdraw what you won, that’s no fun at all. 

Therefore, fast and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods that protect player’s funds and sensitive data are among the key pillars of the industry. (And honestly, it has always been the case for gambling industry. A casino that didn’t pay the wins was worthless in the long run, undermining the trust of its visitors.)

It makes it harder to control that part with online gambling though. 

Internet platforms lure with thousands of well-crafted games and mouth-watering bonuses. However, trusting an online platform with your money and ensuring that you actually get what you win is harder. 

That is why players pay so much attention to the payment methods (as they should). And that is why they should consider Trustly as one of the best options arriving on the scene recently. 

What Is The Problem With Payments?  

Trustly is a godsent solution to a problem that the majority of casino gamblers face online at some point. 

The key catch with online casino payments is that some payment methods are only allowed for deposits, very few can process both deposits and withdrawals, and only a handful is for withdrawals only. Cards and most e-wallets can only facilitate deposits, but when it comes to cashing the winnings out, players have trouble finding a suitable payment method. 

This happens because of the money laundering policies that payment method providers have to follow. They can tolerate payments to online merchants that seem to be casinos but it is too much for them to check every payment that comes from such a merchant to their customers. To avoid the headache altogether they don’t allow casinos to send money to their users. 

Very few payment processing companies allow withdrawals from online casino sites. This is exactly the reason why all casino gamblers are recommended to have at least two different payment methods connected to their casino accounts. At least one of them has to be rock-solid allowed for withdrawal payouts. 

Trustly is just that. 

What Is Trustly, To Begin With?

Trustly is unique in two ways. 

Firstly, it allows its users to accept withdrawals from online casinos. And secondly, it allows them to make and receive payments directly from their bank accounts. 

Trustly is a third party between the bank, the online merchant, and the end user of these two services. Trustly partners with banks and facilitates payments directly from accounts online, enabling the user to avoid the bureaucratic procedures and waiting that banks are so notorious for. 

Trustly acts as a convenient instrument for the end user and as an additional level of data protection. It does not demand registration to use it. With the help of different identification and verification technologies, it allows you to authorize and confirm payments without logging in to your bank account. 

Moreover, Trustly does not share the user’s data with the online casino in the process. Instead, it just sends a message of user identity confirmation so the casino can accept the payment or send it to the user. 

And the best part? Trustly doesn’t charge commissions from the end users. 

User Benefits 

Trustly is a game-changer in the industry not only because it introduces cutting-edge technologies for identification and verification. Obviously, those are good in any industry. 

The key point is that Trustly gives the end users convenient and safe tools to manage their payments in the industry where payments are an extremely sensitive topic as scammy platforms are a thing. 

This works the other way around, as well, dealing with strict bank rules and limiting transactional practices. Even if the player gambles at a reliable casino site that pays out the wins it is not uncommon for the banks to suspend such transactions or even block them. 

Listed on CasinosHunter online casinos that accept Trustly also have to qualify for partnership to enable this payment option for their websites. 

Trustly, therefore, protects all parties’ interests and exactly this feature makes it such a powerful game changer. 

Are There Options? 

The only real drawback of Trustly as of today is that it is not yet available in all countries. Or at least, not all countries allow it for online gambling needs. Canada and some other leaders in the online gambling industry have long adopted Trustly for this niche so players are guaranteed their convenience. 

There are options, of course. In Canada, a few other operators can facilitate payments directly from bank accounts, but users in other jurisdictions may find themselves lacking variants. 

In this case, it is important to evaluate the providers and check whether they work with banks and whether they actually allow you to accept payments from online casino merchants. Having more than one payment option is a must to avoid any inconveniences or suspense when gambling.