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Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows


Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows:  In today’s world, there are many was to entertain ourselves. For example, we can book ourselves a comedy show. whereas, we can also watch a sport of some kind. There being so many variety and options people can choose their source of entertainment that is relevant and suitable to them. Well, are you one of those individuals who like to watch movies and web series for relaxation, fun and entertainment? Moreover, while exploring different movies and series did you happen to come upon one of the roles played by the prominent actor named Cillian Murphy? Then, were you impressed by his acting skills as well as his charming personality? Lastly, are you curious to know more about him and the popular work he has done so far? If you are interested then this blog is perfect for you.

In this blog, we are going to talk in detail about Cillian Murphy along with his movies and tv shows. While doing so we will keep in mind to be elaborate and disseminate as much as information as possible. Therefore, this is going to be very entertaining and informative till the end. For the same reason, it is our humble request that you read this blog completely. Surely, it will be worth your while.

Overview and details of the actor: Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows

  • Name- Cillian Murphy
  • Nickname/alias name- Cilly
  • Profession- actor, producer, and rock musician
  • DOB- 25 May 1976
  • Age- 47 years old
  • Birthplace- Douglas, Ireland
  • Sun sign/zodiac sign- Gemini
  • Nationality- Irish
  • Religion- atheist
  • Hometown- Douglas, Ireland
  • School- Catholic Secondary School
  • College- Presentation Brothers College (he also dropped out from University College Cork later)
  • Educational qualification- graduation
  • Height- 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight- 75 kg
  • Eye colour- dark brown
  • Hair colour- Black
  • Father name- Brendan Murphy
  • Mother name- unknown
  • Siblings- Paidi Murphy (Brother), Sile Murphy (sister) and Orla Murphy (sister)
  • Marital status- Married
  • Wife- Yvonne McGuinness (got married in 2004)
  • Son(s)- Aran Murphy and Malachy Murphy
  • Daughter- none
  • Film debut- Quando in 1997
  • Television debut- The Way We Live Now in 2001
  • Sources of income- Acting, Modelling, and Brand Endorsements
  • Net worth- more than $15 million
  • Active since- 1996
  • Awards- Golden Globe Award in 2024 and Academy Award in 2024

Who is Cillian Murphy? (Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows)

Cillian Murphy is a well-recognized and popular name in the entertainment industry as an actor. Furthermore, he is an Irish actor who is very prominent for his stunning looks as well as his intense performances. Evidently, he was born on 25 May 1976 which makes him 47 years old as of now. However, he looks very young for his age. Meanwhile, his birthplace is Cork, Ireland. Professionally, he is actor and producer who occasionally dabbles in rock music. His first film/movie which he debuted with is titled Quando which got released in 1997. Whereas, his television debut came with The Way We Live Now in 2001. Evidently, he embarked on his journey of acting back in the year 1996. Thereafter, he is still active in the industry regularly appearing hit titles.

Now, lets discuss how he gained spikes in his popularity and which titles helped him in doing so. Initially, he got a lot more relevant after acting in the movie “28 Days Later. This was a zombie apocalypse themed movie. In fact, his role in this movie is regarded as his breakout role. Hence, giving his career the first boost. Thereafter, his work with the prominent movie director named Christopher Nolan in various movies has also earned him a lot of fame. Indeed, he got immersed in the character and played it the best. Most of the people in the world have a strong chance to have found him through peaky blinders. However, some might have discovered him first in Christopher Nolan’s movies or some other title. Now, we will move on to discuss Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows that are most iconic and popular.

Number 1: Thomas Shelby in “Peaky Blinders” TV Show (Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows)

Indeed, this is a very iconic series with a very iconic lead role by Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby. In this movie, he portrays a power-hungry gangster and gang leader from the streets of Birmingham. Furthermore, in the narrative of this series, there is a lot of crime, drama, and much more. The main character of Thomas Shelby is written with such detail and emphasis that it integrates well with the story. And, Cillian does a perfect job of portraying this character. Many people consider that if someone else played this character it would not have been as influential as this.

Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows
Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows

Number 2: J Robert Oppenheimer in “Oppenheimer” Movie (Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows)

In this movie, he plays the lead role of the prominent scientist named J Robert Oppenheimer. In this documentary movie directed by Christopher Nolan, Cillian Murphy does a very excellent job at portraying this scientist. Furthermore, the narrative of this movie seems to revolve around the events during world war when everyone was in race to make nuclear bombs. This movie shows how Oppenheimer managed to invent the atom bomb. Hence, earning him the title of “Father of the atom bomb.

Number 3: Shivering Soldier from “Dunkirk” (Cillian Murphy Movies and TV Shows)

This is another one of the movies that is directed by Christopher Nolan and features Cillian Murphy. However, in this movie Cillian is not in the lead role. Instead, he plays the character of a shivering and scared soldier. In the narrative of this movie, Cillian’s character was portrayed to be in a British ship that got attacked and destroyed by the troops of Germany. Thereafter, this character survives the ordeal and later finds a civilian boat for shelter.


Indeed, he is a very skilled actor as well as a very interesting human being. He has a very charismatic and unique personality that is loved a lot by his fanbase. Furthermore, the roles he has played so far have so much weight and full of emotions. This really shows how immersed and dedicated he becomes for a role. Personally, I am very excited to see him in more movies and tv shows. This is the end of this blog. We discussed elaborately about him and Cillian Murphy Movies and Tv shows. In conclusion, we hope that this was entertaining and informative enough for your standards. Lastly, we would like to request you to check out more of our blogs.

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