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Dolly Singh


Dolly Singh: The World that we are living in today is highly influenced by social media. Social media has a very huge influence over individuals around the world who are captivated by it. Who does not use social media these days? Everybody does. However, everyone’s motive behind using social media is different from one another. Some might only want entertainment or want to pass their time. Whereas, some might be wanting to make a name for themselves on the platform and become an influencer. One such individual is Dolly Singh. She is our topic of discussion today. Are you someone who actively uses various social media platforms?

Furthermore, did you happen to stumble upon the content from Dolly on some combination of social media platforms? And, are you interested in knowing more about her? If you are, then the internet algorithm landed you at the right place. In this blog, we are going to provide you with a detailed biography including everything interesting and relevant to know about her. We will try to be as elaborate and accurate as possible. For the same reason, this blog is going to be packed with information and you won’t end up missing out on anything important. Furthermore, as you read along you will surely get entertained.

Overview, details and physical stats of Dolly Singh

Full name- Dolly Singh

Instagram- @dollysingh

Age- 30

Birthday- 23rd September 1993

Birthplace- Nainital

Net worth- INR 7 Crores

Professions- professional social media influencer, comedian, actress, fashion influencer, youtuber and vlogger

Educational Qualification- Masters of Fashion Management

College institution- Kirori Mal College of University of Delhi and National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi

College and University- Haribhai V Desai College of Commerce, Arts and Science

Parents- Names are unknown

Siblings- Anmol Singh

Marital status- Unmarried

Boyfriend- Manu Chaturvedi (A Lawyer)

Best friend- Komal Pandey and Ankush Bahugana

Home town- Delhi, India

Nationality- Indian

Religion- Hindu

Caste/surname- Singh

Zodiac sign- Virgo


IWM Digital Awards for the Most Popular Social Media Star (Female) (2022)

Promising Debutant of the year 2023

The award for best Cannes 2023

Silver YouTube play button

Who is Dolly Singh?

Dolly is a very popular Indian social media personality. Evidently, she has risen to fame and success in the last few years. Also, she has worked a lot to achieve all the things that she deserved and wanted. Professionally, she is a professional social media influencer, comedian, actress, fashion influencer, youtuber and vlogger. Moreover, she gained a lot of recognition for portraying some Characters on her social media account. Characters such as “Aunty Ji” and “Pintu ki mummy” are very popular and even went viral in memes.

Additionally, people who follow her seem to have appreciative feedback for her. She is known to value humour as well as authenticity while making her content. Her online presence is very charismatic and appealing. Her journey began by doing such portrayals. Therefore, she used entertainment to gain influence. Evidently, she has a very huge and dedicated audience base. She is known for being relatable and witty which makes her followers anticipate her anecdotes and comedy sketches. Aside from all this she has also associated herself with fashion. She is known to make content in which she shares her fashion insights.

is a very versatile content creator who has made very diverse content. For example, humorous skits, blogs, and much more. Indeed, she is a great entertainer with the ability of making the audience engage with her content. Meanwhile, she has also got into acting and has been featured in various web series. Lastly, she gave an incredible performance at acting as well.

Dolly Singh: Social Media handles and followers

Instagram- 1.6 million

YouTube- 697k

Twitter- 2.4k

Career of Dolly Singh

Evidently, Dolly created and established her YouTube channel back in 2016. Furthermore, in her YouTube channel she started putting out content of various types such as comedy, fashion, and lifestyle. Moreover, for her academic project, she worked as an intern at iDiva. Later, she joined at the same place with a job profile of a content writer. Thereafter, in 2017 the director of iDiva named Santu Mishra decided to portray “South Delhi Girls” with Dolly Singh and Kusha Kapila in the lead roles. Eventually, this was a huge success and became viral.

Moreover, she also portrayed various characters such as Zeenat, Mrs Kapoor, Natasha, Reckless Renu, Guddi Bhabi and Bubbly which were very popular. Also, these comedy sketches made audiences feel relatable and engaged. Lastly, her portrayal of the character Raju Ki Mummy went on to be very popular release from her YouTube Channel. In fact, this character was part of her show named Raju Ki Mummy Chat Show. This also added greatly to her popularity.

Life and education of Dolly Singh

Evidently, she was born on 23rd September 1993. Her birthplace is in Nainital, Uttarakhand. While she was growing up, she had to face many challenges in her life. She comes from very modest and humble beginnings. Evidently, her parents used to own and manage their own gift shop in Nainital which was named “Apna Bazaar”. Moreover, she has a brother who is currently known to work as a pro photographer and videographer. After her schooling was completed, she pursued undergraduate course of Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Science.

Also, she did this course at Kirori Mal College of University of Delhi. Thereafter, she took a gap of almost one year with the purpose of preparing for the CAT exam. Evidently, she got the third rank in the NIFT exam. For the same reason, she got admission in NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). From this college, she completed her Master’s in Fashion Management.

Dolly Singh
Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh Net worth and lifestyle

Evidently, according to data from 2023 her net worth has surpassed the amount of INR 7 Crores. Moreover, her sources of earning all this is known to be brand deals, sponsors, collaborations on Instagram, her YouTube, acting income and many more. Having so many different streams of incoming money flow make her able to step up on the finance ladder. Additionally, she is known to have a nice property as well as many other assets throughout Gurugram. Witnessing where she stands now shows how much impact she has managed to create with her talents. As a result, she is living a very comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Also, as she is earning so much, she even decides to participate in charity events. This shows how humble she is and how she wants to help others. Evidently, she is known to earn 1 to 2 lakh INR for every brand collaboration. Whereas, for acting in each series her fees lie between 10 to 15 lakhs INR. Lastly, her monthly YouTube incomes are estimated to be around 36 US Dollars to 573 US DOLLARS. Also, in a year she earns between 430 US Dollars and 6.9k US Dollars.


Indeed, she is a very talented and extremely entertaining social media personality. Furthermore, because of her hard work over the years she has managed to grow a lot professionally and financially. Indeed, her lifestyle has been considerably changed after her success. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that we managed to entertain you and give you all the information you expected. Lastly, if this blog was entertaining for you then consider checking more out from our website.


  • She won the IWM Digital Award for the Most Popular Social Media Star Female in 2022.
  • Moreover, many of her fans have confessed to her that she inspires a lot of them.
  • She is a very popular YouTube creator who has earned himself a Silver YouTube Play Button.
  • Dolly is ready to make her debut at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • She is known to garner 14 million views on an average.
  • She started her content creation journey with her blog named Spill the Sass.
  • Moreover, her most famous character is Raju Ki Mummy.
  • She is best friends with Kusha Kapila.
  • Lastly, she has a pet named Indie.

Author- Piyush Chauhan

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