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Getimg AI: Generate Images from Text with AI

Getimg AI

in today’s world full of bloggers and developers, everybody is looking for a platform that can help them make innovative and unique content. Moreover, creating images with texts are one of the trends among youngsters. Hence, in this blog, we will provide you with a platform that can help you in the same. The platform is known as getimg ai. The platform creates interesting images with pretty good texts that are engaging and alluring. Moreover, we will talk deeply about this platform. You just need to stick around with this article till the end of it. Thus, this blog is all about Getimg AI.

Moreover, we are also aware about this that some of might be having several doubts and concerns about this platform. However, no worries. This blog surely comes up to provide you with the best and most accurate info about this platform. Further, this is going to be an engaging and interesting blog for the memers and graphic designers. Hence, without wasting any time, this blog is looking forward to provide you with all the information about the same. As a result, we are starting with our blog right now.

About getimg ai

getimg ai is a great platform for creating interesting images with engaging texts. Moreover, the platform uses Ai technology for generating images and texts prompts quickly. In addition to this, the platform also allows you to make Ai generated avatars and characters. In addition to this, this platform allows you to edit the images and texts as well. It is a great free image maker and editor. Further, the platforms allow you to generate 100 images per month without spending any single penny. Moreover, the platform offers additional features such as image to video conversion. Free Ai editing tools are also provided to the users in with this platform.


CEO – Wojtek Krzcinski

Fonded in – 2022

Location – Warsaw, Poland

Features of getimg ai

Text to image generator

The text to image generator feature of this platform allows you convert any text into an image or a creative photo. You can turn any text into an interesting photo or a creative art. For the same reason, the platform offers various styles to choose from such as artistic, anime, photorealistic and more. In addition to this, you can make about 100 images per month without any subscription cost and hidden charges.

Image to video generator

Another interesting feature of the platform is that it converts images to videos. Yes, you can easily convert your images into a 4 second video. This makes this platform unique and innovative. You can easily turn still photos into a short interesting and moving images. Additionally, the process for the same is also very simple. You do not need any technical or challenging skills to do this process.

Ai image maker

The platform allows you to create and edit images by adding interesting and innovative texts. You can easily create images and add a suitable text to make it presentable. Moreover, you can also turn the texts and create images with any texts. Thus, it is a great platform for exploring and showing your creativity.

Create Ai models

The platform allows its users to create Ai characters and models. These characters have a realistic look. Moreover, you can also customize your characters. You can change outfits and other accessories of your model.

Pros and cons of getimg ai


  • The platform creates high quality images and texts within seconds.
  • With this, you can turn your images into a 4 second video.
  • The platform allows you to generate 100 images per month.
  • You can create Ai models and avatars with this platform.
  • The interface of getimg ai is user centric. Thus, it makes it easier for the users to use the platform.
  • With this platform, you can easily convert any text to image and any image to a video.


  • The platform can affect the work of graphic designers and photo/video editors.
  • The Ai avatars can be improved, and emotion factor can also be added to them to make them more realistic.
  • Moreover, the platform can be used to create fake images and posters.
  • The platform can also be used to mislead or misguide the society.
  • Unfortunately, the free plan does not have the feature of image to video convertor.

How to create images from text using this platform?

Creating images using a text is very simple on getimg ai. Follow these simple steps for the same:

  • First of all, create an account on getimg ai.
  • After that, add a text on the platform.
  • Now, choose your favourite style.
  • Indicate the number of images
  • Choose an AI avatar or character
  • Adjust the advanced settings
  • Generate the image
  • And boom, you are all set to download your image with text.

API Pricing

Size price

1024×1024 $0.0079/image

1020×1280 $0.0099/image

1024×1536 $0.012/image

1024×1792 $0.014/image

Getimg AI
Getimg AI

Final words

In our opinion, getimg ai is a great platform suitable for the graphic designers and content creators. Moreover, you can make any text into an innovative and interesting image. In addition to this, you can also turn your photos into a 4 second videos with this platform. However, this feature is not available in the trial version of this platform. As a result, you can use this platform and let us know your views on it by commenting below in the comments section. Hence, that’s all in this blog. See you in the next one with some other interesting and engaging topics. Till then, bye. Have a nice day folks!

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