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 IN THE NIGHT GARDEN CHARACTERS: In The Night Garden is a show for pre-school children which helps your children to learn the rhythm of day-to-day life. It is designed as per children’s interest, full of bright colours and entertaining themes. The writer and composer of this British show is Andrew Davenport. The aim of this show is to entertain and educate children of age one to six. In The Night Garden is created in live action. It comprises of a team of actors in costumes, puppetry, CGI animation and stop motion. The purpose of this show is to make children feel safe and secure in the world outside. Routine of the days and ups and downs are made familiar to the little ones.

It is important for children to learn these things so that they don’t find any difficulty in understanding the world around them.

It is basically designed as an imagination of children. This show features the dream world of children. It is magical and resembles a picture book.

The characters in this television series are so appealing to children that they tend to mimic their favourite characters.



He is a character who looks like a teddy bear. He is blue in colour and has a nose that resembles that of a doll. His red blanket is something that he always carries. He always falls flat on this back when he is surprised. Igglepiggle is the main character in ‘In The Night Garden’ but not episodes feature this character.

Hence, In the beginning and end of each episode, Igglepiggle makes appearance on his boat-like bed. However, On his left foot, he has a bell, in his tummy, he has a squeaker and in his left hand, a rattle. Makka Pakka, Tombliboos and Upsy Daisy are his best friends. Boat is the place where he sleeps. The garden is basically a dream of Igglepiggle where he just visits in his dreams and he is not a resident of the garden. His introduction song is “Yes my name is Igglepiggle”. His character is played by Nick Kellington.

Upsy Daisy

the character of Upsy Daisy is played by Rebecca Hyland. Her appearance is like that of a rag doll. She has a brown skin tone and wears bright coloured outfits. She goes on roaming around in the garden while blowing kisses on other characters and the audience of the show. Igglepiggle is the one whom she hugs and kisses the most. Her well known phrases are “Upsy Daisy”, “Daisy doo” and “pip pip onk onk”. It is her style of saying goodbye. She has a megaphone through which she sings. She loves singing. When Davenport made her first sketch, her face structure resembled a flower. The hello song of Upsy Daisy is “Upsy Daisy Here I come”

Makka Pakka

Makka Pakka is a doll-like character, beige in colour. However, he is a small and cute creature whose character is played by Justyn Towler. Moreover, his tail and ears represent stones. His home is a rock cave. Apparently his favourite thing to do is cleaning. Makka Pakka cuddles a stone as a toy. He is seen travelling on his scooter ‘Og-Pog’ in this garden with his his soap, sponge, a trumpet and “the uff-uff” device which is used to dry things. The phrase “Mikka Makka moo” is said by Makka Pakka when he is happy. He is the shortest among all the characters. His hello song goes like “Hello Makka Pakka”.

The Tombliboos

They are a trio who look like dolls. Andy Wareham plays the role of Unn. Isaac Blake as Ooo. Later it was played by Holly Denoon. Hence, the characters of Eee is played by Elisa Laghi. Their costumes are red-green,  brown-pink and pink-yellow in colour. The branches of a bush are their home. The Tombliboos love playing piano and drums along with building blocks. They play piano when they’re sad. They are also seen brushing their teeth before going to bed. Their introduction song is “Ombliboo, Tombliboo” .

The Pontipines and The Wottingers

They are red and blue coloured tiny dolls red and blue in colour respectively. The appearance of The Pontipines in the show is more than the The Wottingers. The song of Pontipines is “10 Pontipines”

The Haahoos

However, they are 5 pillow like characters who can be seen spending their leisure time in the garden. They make squishing and boinging sound when they walk. To make then stand, they are help by wires.

The Tittifers

However, they are CGI made birds. All the birds sing at the end of the episodes.

The Ninky Nonk

Hence, It is a train with no track. The Ninky Nonk has carriages of different sizes and structures.

The Pinky Ponk

However, It is seen gliding in the air to give aerial view of the garden. Hence, It also has a Pinky Ponk juice for all the passengers. However, there is a magenta light at the front of the zeppelin and it lights when the Pinky Ponk is about to land or take off.



In The Night Garden is an amazing show for children. It takes children on a journey of imagination. The aim of the show is to let children grow their imagination and learn day-to-day activities. In this article, we’ve focused on the characters in ‘In The Night Garden’. We will be back with some other informative article. Till then, allow your children to go on an imaginative journey. Enjoy!

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