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rajkotupdates.news : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app

rajkotupdates.news : the ministry of transport will launch a road safety navigation app

Hello there, readers! For anyone who energies or customer Indian roads, safeguarding road protection is a matter of utmost importance. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways reported that there were a startling 449,002 road accidents in India in 2019 that resulted in 151,113 fatalities and 451,361 injuries. This data was provided by “rajkot updates.news.” According to this, 51 people are injured and 17 people lose their lives on Indian roads every hour.

The Ministry of Transportation has unconstrained a statement concerning the impending announcement of a map reading app for road safety in light of this on-going problem. This app goal is to help drivers guard themselves on the roads. The app will provide up-to-the-minute details on traffic patterns, potential dangers, elected speed limits, weather forecasts, and emergency services. Furthermore, the road safety celestial navigation app vigorously alerts customers about any traffic laws that are broken, including going over the speed boundary, running red lights, driving while drunk, and more.

Launch of a Road Safety Navigation App by the Ministry of Transportation

The Ministry of Transport is introducing a new road protection app that uses customer AI and machine learning as an artistic solution. The app’s purpose is to upsurge road safety in India by examining data from numerous sources, including GPS, cameras, sensors, and customer feedback. By using gamification techniques and satisfying customers with points, badges, discounts, or coupons, it inspires customers to follow circulation safety regulations. The app also has a social media component that permits customers to inform their knowledge and guidance on driving safety to others.

The Ministry of Transport get ahead that this app will inspire drivers to accept a road protection culture, eventually resulting in a reduction in the number of traffic sufferers and accidents in India. The app, which will work with all vehicle types, including cars, bikes, customers, and trucks, is anticipated to be made accessible for free download on Android and iOS platforms by the end of the year.

This app is a part of the government’s superior determination to progress road safety in India, accompanying plans like the passage of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 that will give traffic breaches severer penalties. The government also declared January to be National Road Safety Month and established the National Road Safety Board to advise on standards and policies for securing roads.

The MapMyIndia: The MOVE App is a different app that provides a number of features like maps, navigation, tracing, security, hyper-local services, and smart mobility. Customers can find their endpoints using the app’s step-by-step voice-guided directions, real-time traffic updates, and projected arrival time, which was generated by MapMyIndia. Additionally, it permits customers to investigate nearby launches like malls and restaurants using reviews and ratings left by other customers. Additionally, the MOVE App gives customers the choice to part their current location with loved ones for added security and to report problems like traffic, potholes, and trash dumps to help the city become a better place.

The Maples ID system, a digital address and position certification system that condenses complex addresses into six-character codes, is a standout feature of the MOVE App. Customers can use the app to share their location without revealing any individual data. The MOVE App makes use of HD quality maps from MapMyIndia that duration about 200 different nations. It is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and provides inclusive maps, navigation, tracing, and real-time traffic information for mobile devices.

On the app’s features and functionalities, the Ministry of Transport has demanded public feedback and recommendations. These can be submitted via email or the ministry’s website.


In conclusion, the take-off of the road safety map reading app by the Ministry of Transport marks a noteworthy step towards making a culture of road safety among Indian drivers. The app will donate to harmless driving for drivers by providing real-time data on traffic patterns, latent risks, speed limits, weather conditions, and emergency services. The Ministry is committed to safeguarding the success of the app and pays highly fit mobile developers on par with those from reputable IT companies.

The app’s use of AI, machine learning, and gamification techniques will inspire customers to follow traffic safety rules, which should decrease mortalities and accidents on the road. The app is located to have a positive effect as the government keeps working to increase road safety values and policies.

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