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Salad and Go menu


Salad and Go menu: Undeniably, food is a very significant element of every human’s life. Furthermore, aside from being a basic need for survival it is also something that people like to explore. Exploring and tasting new food is something that all of us love. In the world, there are so many different dishes and cuisines that a human can try out. In fact, there are so many that it is hard to try all of them out in one life time. However, one can try for sure.

Well, are you someone who often likes to eat something from restaurants? Furthermore, have you ever tried out food from this place called Salad and Go? And, do you have a curiosity of knowing more about this restaurant chain? If your reply is a yes then we are excited to tell you that you have landed at the right place. In this blog we are going to discuss each and every important detail about this chain. And, while doing so we will be very detailed and keep this elaborate. We are going to include things like Salad and Go menu as well as more. Therefore, you are going to gain a lot of new knowledge and end up benefitting from it. That is why you should surely read this blog completely.

Salad and Go menu: What do you need to know about Salad and Go?

“Salad and Go” is one of the popular food chains that originate out of America. Furthermore, it can be described as a drive-thru restaurant chain. Basically, they have no sitting arrangement available for the customers. They just provide food for the go through their pick-up windows and drive-thru. The headquarters of this brand are located in Tempe, Arizona. However, they also have a second office which is located in Addison, Texas. Additionally, they also have a total of two food production facilities in Pheonix and Dallas. Clearly, it is a privately held and owned company. It is not an international brand yet. Evidently, as of now this brand has over 100 different locations operating within United States of America. Also, all these locations are in states named Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Nevada.

Overview and Details of the brand: Salad and Go menu

NAME: Salad and Go



FOUNDED WHEN: 2013 (It has been more than 11 years now)

FOUNDED WHERE: Gilbert, Arizona

HEADQUARTERS: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

NUMBER OF LOCATIONS: According to data from 2023, they had a total of 113 locations.

AREAS SERVED: Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Oklahoma

CEO: Charlie Morrison

PRODUCTS SOLD: Salads, Wraps, soups, Breakfast burritos, lemonades and Cold brew

Items included in the Salad and Go menu

This brand is known to sell a variety of fresh items to their customers. For example, these include salads, wraps, soups, breakfast burritos, bowls, cold brew coffee and hand-crafted lemonades. Furthermore, another unique thing is that they offer options of chicken, tofu and cheese in their salads. This way the customer can customize their salad according to their preference. Now, we have provided their full menu down below for you to take a look:


  • Cobb
  • Greek
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Thai
  • BBQ Ranch
  • Caesar
  • Roasted Autumn
  • Jalapeno Ranch
  • Kids Salad


  • Southwest
  • Bacon, Egg and Cheese
  • Turkey Sausage, Egg and Cheese
  • Fiesta
  • Traditional
  • Hot Coffee (only served till 2 pm)


  • House-made Lemonade (You have options like traditional, cucumber mint, frozen strawberry and blueberry basil.)
  • Arnold Palmer (You have options like traditional and Cucumber mint.)
  • Iced Tea (You can either choose to have black or mango green.)
  • Cold Brew (options of milk are provided. You can choose from almond milk and oat milk.)
Salad and Go menu
Salad and Go menu

What is the history of this brand Salad and Go?

As has been noted, “Salad and Go” was founded back in 2013 in Gilbert, Arizona. At the time while it was being established, the co-founders of this brand collectively paid a visit to Daniel Patino who is a chef. Evidently, the co-founders asked for the help of Daniel in developing the concept of their restaurant. Till this day, Chef Daniel Patino remains the executive chef of the whole brand. Hence, his initial help earned him a permanent place here. Moreover, in March of 2022, Charlie Morrison joined this brand and became their CEO (Chief Executive Officer). Evidently, from the time he has become CEO the brand has seen a lot of growth. Whereas, the brand has also been able to expand at a very rapid rate. That too into major markets that are valuable. These include expansion into Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW), Houston, Las Vegas and Oklahoma City. Whereas, they still continue to open various new locations in their home state i.e., Arizona. Lastly, in January of 2024, the CEO Charlie Morrison claims to open up a restaurant every week to increase the pace. Whereas, he also described that his plans are to open up thousands of locations.


Indeed, this is great food chain you can choose if you like such food. So, tell us in the comments what are your views on what you get served here. In this blog we told you everything about this food chain including Salad and Go menu. We hope that you benefitted from this and found this to be packed with information. Lastly, if you enjoyed this one, consider checking out more of our blogs that might help you.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan 

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