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Selecting the Right Swimwear for Your Body Type: Your Helpful Guide

Selecting the Right Swimwear

Stylish swimwear is a must-have for women when going on beach vacations and holidays. But buying the right swimwear for you requires careful consideration of many factors. One of the most important aspects to consider is your body type. Different kinds of swimsuits will flatter different body types. And with this understanding in your mind, you will be able to look commendable and feel confident. In this article, we will discuss the different body types in women and suggest the ideal styles of swimwear for each body type. We will also have a look at the addition factors that come into play when buying swimwear. Interested in knowing more? Read on! 

Different Body Types and Ideal Swimwear Recommendations for Them

In the pointers below, we have discussed the different body types in women and how they can keep these in mind when choosing swimwear for themselves. 

  1. Pear Shaped: 

An individual with a pear-shaped body usually has a curvy lower body. They have a comparatively smaller bust and narrow shoulders. Such people should wear dresses that flatter their lower body. Furthermore, they should highlight the chest and bust area. 

  1. Hourglass: 

Women with hourglass figures have a thinner waist, while the shoulders and waist are equally wide, resembling an hourglass. Hence, these women should ensure that they are avoiding mismatched sets. Instead, they should wear stylish swimwear with high-cut legs. Color blocking is also an excellent idea for such women to look more amazing. 

  1. Petite: 

Petite women are those whose height is less than 5ft 4”. The goal for such women should be to make their bodies appear more elongated. Hence, they must wear high-cut bottoms and bikini tops that are triangular in shape. Furthermore, such women must avoid heavy prints. 

  1. Apple: 

Apple-shaped women are known to have an equivalent width of both the shoulders and hips. However, what sets them apart from hourglass-bodied women is that their waist area is fuller as well. These women must choose stylish swimwear with wider shoulder straps. High-waisted swimsuits are also an excellent choice for these women. 

  1. Inverted Triangle: 

Such women have shoulder measurements that are larger than their waist measurements (by at least 5%). Hence, the shoulder and bust region of these women is usually a lot wider than their lower body. For such women, the goal should be to draw attention to their necklines. Moreover, they should add a sense of flair to the lower half of the body. 

  1. Athletic 

Women with athletic bodies have a straight waistline and broad shoulders, thereby giving rise to the need to create an illusion of curves in their bodies. Underwire bikini tops and tankinis are excellent swimwear choices for such women. This is because the goal is to flaunt the assets and create an excellent silhouette. 

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Swimwear for Your Next Vacay

Of course, finding the right stylish swimwear to suit your body type is important. However, that is not the only factor you must consider when purchasing one. Then, what are some other parameters to keep in mind? Let’s find out!

  1. When buying swimwear, always invest in quality fabrics. This will ensure that they are comfortable and last for years to come. 
  2. Make sure to buy kimonos and cover-ups as well. If you don’t like to reveal too much of your body, these will be an excellent addition. 
  3. If you plan to go to pools, etc., make sure that you are aware of the appropriate standards of swimwear there. 
  4. It is extremely important to be comfortable with whatever you decide to wear. It shouldn’t be too loose on the body, nor too tight. 
  5. Make sure to buy stylish swimwear that is trending and gives you the most excellent pictures for your social media profiles. 

Where to Find the Best and Most Stylish Swimwear for Women?

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That brings us to the end of this article about choosing the right stylish swimwear for your body type. With our excellent suggestions, we hope that you will be able to choose the best one for yourself. So, buy the best swimwear from Hello Molly today!