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Stenographer Salary


Stenographer Salary: Without a doubt, when one’s schooling and higher studies are completed, the next big thing is to get a job. For earning money there are many jobs out there. Indeed, there are a lot of choices in career paths and job profiles. People choose what they want to do according to their future plans and preferences. Whereas, some people bring in their passion to the mix. Well, are you someone who is currently aiming for employment? And, are you interested in the role of a Stenographer? Lastly, are you interested to know about this job profile and stenographer salary in detail?

If you are, then this is the perfect place for you. In this blog, you are going find all the information related to this job profile and everything associated with it. Indeed, this is going to be a complete and elaborate guide on the topic. Hence, packed with relevant information that will benefit and help you in making your decision or further plan your decision. Therefore, this is worth your while and should consider reading this till the end.

What is a Stenographer? What does a Stenographer do? (Stenographer Salary)

Basically, a stenographer can be described as an individual who is designated and has the responsibility of keeping detailed notes as well as transcriptions of depositions/tribunals/cases and other similar proceedings. Evidently, a stenographer often also gets referred to as a court reporter. These stenographers are also known to work in non-legal proceedings such as medical hearings or a government cabinet hearing. This job profile makes it necessary for an individual to keep exact verbatim record. Here by verbatim we mean that the records and transcripts of the whole procedure should be kept same as they were spoken.

More about the work of a Stenographer (Stenographer Salary)

Evidently, all the stenographers out there are known to either the traditional way of shorthand writing or in contrast the machine shorthand. These stenographers are known to use many kinds of devices, equipment and software. For example, court keyboard or court typewriter. Using such equipment help them to make their jobs easier in an effective way. Certainly, these stenographers are required to work very closely alongside solicitors, judges and directors. Lastly, a unique shortened writing style is used by everyone in this career path and it is called “Steno”.

Stenographer Salary: Duties and responsibilities of a Stenographer

  • They need to take dictation and type everything in shorthand that goes on during a proceeding.
  • Another duty of a stenographer is to write, transcribe and compile all the office documents.
  • Evidently, they need to transcribe the typed material into common language in an accurate manner.
  • They are responsible for keeping records of various documents, files and other office related materials carefully.
  • Stenographers are also responsible for arranging appropriate meetings.
  • Stenographers need to collect all the necessary information from their supervisors and seniors.
  • To maintain secrecy and confidentiality of all the official documents and related affairs.
  • They also need to keep proper order of all the documents which are later to be handed to the officers.
  • To arrange and present all the documents in an order that is logically valid.
  • Furthermore, all the reference books along with rules and ordinances are to be kept up to date by the stenographer.
  • Till the time a case gets closed a stenographer needs to keep track of all the progress.

Stenographer Salary: Qualifications and eligibility to become a Stenographer

Different organizations can have different eligibility criteria set for the role of a Stenographer. Hence, one needs to figure out first where is he or she interested in applying. A candidate applying for a job in this field should definitely have shorthand skills to be efficient and productive. Typing at speeds of up to 225 words per minute or even more than that is demanded usually in the industry. The candidate is required to be a skilled and accurate typist. Furthermore, it is known that such individuals do long periods of training to become better at what they do.

The candidates who desire to work as a stenographer have the option of doing a vocational course in stenography. For example, Diploma in Stenography. Doing so you would be eligible to earn a job as a stenographer in many organizations out there. Usually, these diploma courses are known to take around a year to complete. However, the candidate needs to complete their higher secondary education before applying for the same. There are many courses out there that will demand that you must have secured a minimum score of 60 percent marks. That too from a recognized board.

Undoubtedly, the stenographers eventually get enrolled in professional courses with the objective of working on their shorthand skills. Also, at the same time they want to increase their overall typing speed. Evidently, there are many industrial training institutes and polytechnic colleges that are known to offer such courses in typing as well as stenography.

Stenographer Salary
Stenographer Salary

Stenographer Salary per month: High court stenographer salary/SSC stenograph salary & others

It is pretty much understandable that the individuals desiring to apply in these jobs have the question of how much the stenographer salary per month is. Well, there are many options, people can go for High court stenographer salary/SSC stenograph salary/stenographer salary in government sector and other. On an average the base salary of a stenographer in India is estimated to be around INR 28000 per month. However, in different sectors the salary per month tends to go up and down.


Indeed, it would be a great career choice to go for this job profile. Being a stenographer you will have the opportunity to work with the industry leaders eventually. And, at the same time there is a lot of potential in the aspect of growth. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, it is expected that enough information was provided to you through this blog. And, also that this blog helped you in your decision-making process in some way. You reading this far is appreciated. Lastly, if you are interested you may check out more of our blogs. Surely, you will find something of your preference.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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