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Web Classplus : Online Teaching and Learning

Web Classplus

 The dynamics of education has changed over the course of a few years. Especially after the lockdown, most of the students as well as teachers prefer online education. Moreover, it becomes convenient for the parents too. Hence, online teaching and learning is preferred in online mode in these times. From lectures to books to exams, everything has somewhat shifted online. Not only this, it provides comfort to both the educator and learner. Therefore, for your convenience there are alot of online learning platforms are available. But one of the best ones is Web Classplus. It is sort of a startup. Moreover, it provides some online tools to learn or educate effectively. 

It is an edtech website. Furthermore, it is highly beneficial for educators who want to teach online. Through this, one can easily shift their offline teaching business to online teaching. To know more about Web Classplus, stay right here and read this blog.

The Origins of Web Classplus

Need for quality education as well as need for managing more students gave birth to the idea of online teaching website. There were a few challenges that people were facing in offline teaching and learning. This company was started in the year 2018 by two people. These two founders are – Bhaswat Agarwal, Mukul Rustagi.

These two people were influenced by their offline experiences to create such a website. Moreover, it is known that both of them have experienced the challenges first-handedly. So it is fair to say that the solutions of the problem is born from the bearers themselves. Furthermore, this company was started to make the tasks easy and to add convenience to teaching experience. However, it does not just contributes to the convenience. It also improves the overall teaching experience.

In addition, both of these founders have studied at well known and prestigious universities. After studying at IIT and NSIT, Mukul and Bhaswat decided to work on the idea and combine their expertise. Web Classplus is actually an online coaching business through which educators can benefit a lot.

What are Web Classplus Offerings?

If you are an educator and you want to manage your classes effectively, then it can be helpful. This is because the company provides online tools to simplify the tasks. Moreover, it provides a lot of offerings. Let us see what are these –

  • One of the most important things about any business is money. So we will talk about that first. Obviously, if you are teaching online, you would require or want fee from your students. However, many might think of paying online unsafe. But, here you can make transactions in a simple and safe way. The payment gateway is secure and there is nothing to worry. Moreover, the way of collecting or making payments is super easy and seamless.
  • Teachers can easily track attendance and performance of their students. Moreover, if you want to manage multiple batches of students, it is easier now. Additionally, you can also take live lectures through this.
  • It denies any unsafe access. Moreover, provides stuttering protection against unauthorised access. Therefore, all the content of education is complete safe and secure.
  • For doing any sort of business, marketing is must. Thus, the website also provides promotional tools. By using this, the teachers can get in growing their business and to reach larger target audience.
Web Classplus
Web Classplus

Web Classplus Achievements

Since the starting of the business, the company has seen continuous growth and profits. Some of the significant investors are –

  • Blume Ventures
  • Tiger Global
  • Sequoia Capital India

Moreover, the company is estimating an increase in revenue by 65% in the financial year of 2024. It is because the company has managed to cut the losses by 70%. In addition, it has also improved its operations.

Interaction With Parents

The platform is beneficial for students as much as it is for educators. It helps the students learn in an effective and convenient way. However, online learning involves laziness and many other loopholes which students often easily take advantage of. However, on  this learning platform, parents are not excluded from the loop. Although, they are not directly involved, but it is not like they are not involved at all.

Through Web Classplus, parents can keep a record of their child’s performance and attendance. Moreover, they can also have a conversation with the educator for better insights. It is almost like a parent-teacher meet which is often conducted in schools offline. Not only this, the parents are informed about the monthly performances of their child through essay reports.


Web Classplus is one solution for educators to grow their online teaching business. Moreover, it is also a solution for the learners who wish to study online. The aim of the founders was to add ease in tasks and to be able to manage students. Along with this, both the founders also focused on providing better quality education. Furthermore, different features provide different benefits, both to educators and learners. One challenge with online education was that children do not take it seriously. However, by introducing the feature of parent-teacher communication, the company has made online education serious for the students. Thank you.

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