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Who is the most powerful doctor in the world

Who is the most powerful doctor in the world: You might get amazed by knowing the actual answer of this question. Any guesses? Why to make one, read this whole content and understand why he is known as the most powerful doctor in the world.


Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is recognised as the most powerful doctor in the world. A doctor of technology, software and file management. Read this article to check on how he got the title of Doctor!

Who is Bill Gates?

He is the former CEO of Microsoft. A 68 year old man who is known for his successful business plan. A business man, a philanthropist, an investor, writer and author are what define his personality.

He spent his childhood in Seattle, Washington. He is most popular in the world because he dropped himself out of the college to do a start- up. In 1975, he, with his friend Paul Allen, found Microsoft.

Why does he recognised as the most powerful doctor in the world?

World knew that he is not a doctor by profession, neither does he hold any medical degree in this field of line. Few of the possible reasons for these  recognitions are:

Reason 1

In the year 2017, an article by Politico was published, capturing the highlights of appreciation for Bill Gates. They used this keyword in their article which made him the possible answer for this solution.

In the same year Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda gave did contributions for the development of health sector. This made him the star on the internet, for the fortunate reasons he got the recognition of Doctor in front of his name.

Reason 2

He is a Multi man of programming channel. He is a master of technology, the creator of Microsoft limited. This epic introduction defines why he might be the correct answer of this question. He is known for his contribution in the field of health, technology and science.

Reason 3

Bill Gates is known for his contribution in the medical world. He is counted as the second biggest donor, as he donated around $2.4 million for the development of the health department.

Is he a doctor by profession?

No, Bill Gates is not a doctor by profession. He is the founder and the high authority manager of Microsoft Private limited.

MCQ- Who is the best doctor in the world?

1. Bill Gates (A)

2. Dr Khalid Abbed (B)

3. Dr Arthur Reese Abright (C)

4. Edward Jenner (D)

From the above options, option A is the correct call for this sentence. Apart from him, the remaining options have their own recognition in the world as a professional doctor.

Who is the most powerful doctor in the world
Who is the most powerful doctor in the world


This whole story started in the year 2007 when he donated a million dollar to the health development. The most highlighted reason for his being doctor on the internet was his participation with his wife.

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