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Whopper Whopper Song Lyrics


Whopper Whopper Song Lyrics: Indeed, music can be considered as an influential force. Sometimes, witness major brands harnessing the power of music to their advantage. Similarly, Burger King made a song to advertise their signature hamburgers known as “The Whopper”. Are you someone who enjoys listening to music in their leisure time? Furthermore, did you happen to come around this promotional track Whopper Whopper by Burger King? And, do you often eat at Burger King outlets? Lastly, are you interested to know more about this song? If you have a curiosity, then we will cover you. In this blog, we intend to tell you everything related to this song that you would need to know. We will also discuss Burger King in this blog.

Also, we will try to be as elaborate and detailed as we possibly can. For the same reason, this blog is going to be packed with information. Moreover, you also might get entertainment out of this. That is why reading this till the end might be a good idea for you.

Whopper Whopper Song Lyrics: Overview and details

SONG NAME: “Whopper Whopper*

GENRE: Jingle

DURATION:  1 minute

ARTIST- Burger King (Brand)




RELEASE DATE- 17th January 2019

LABEL- American and Columbia

ALBUM- You Rule. Jingles

YOUTUBE VIEWS:  12 million-plus views on official music video

SPOTIFY STREAMS- 15 million-plus streams

All you need to know about the Whopper Whopper Song Lyrics by Burger King

Whopper Whopper is a very popular song by the famous American fast food restaurant chain Burger King. Basically, this song serves as the jingle for their advertisement. With the help of this song they advertise their signature hamburger known as The Whopper. Evidently, it is all a part of Burger King’s advertising campaign named You Rule. Additionally, this song and its other versions were developed by the Beacon Street Studios. This jingle was started getting used in television advertisements from 17th November 2002. Thereafter, this song was released on Spotify and other streaming platforms on 3rd February 2023. Also, this was released as part of a album named You Rule which includes this song and cheese burger song.

About Burger King: All you need to know (Whopper Whopper Song lyrics)

Basically, Burger King can be described as an American multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Burger King has outlets all around the world with suitable menu options according to the region along with their classics. The Burger King franchise operates under the official name of Burger King Corporation. Evidently, their headquarters are in Miami-Dade county, Florida. Initially, this organization was founded in 1953 as Insta Burger King a Florida based fastfood chain.  According to data from 2021, they had more than 19000 locations worldwide. Undeniably, this number must have increased over the years. Currently, this number is estimated to have reached more than 22000. Meanwhile, according to data from 2018, Burger King has opened up outlets in more than 100 countries. This number must have also increased by now. Lastly, as of now, Joshua Kobza is the CEO whereas Tom Curtis is the president.

Products sold by Burger King

  • Hamburgers
  • Chicken
  • French fries
  • Onion rings
  • Soft drinks
  • Milkshakes
  • Salads
  • Desserts
  • Breakfast

What is a Whopper?

Simply, The Whopper can be described as a signature hamburger of Burger King and their associated product line. This international fast food chain Burger King sells the Whopper as a product worldwide. Evidently, it was first introduced in their menu back in 1957. Burger King created this signature hamburger by experimenting with different reformulations. Thereafter, many changes were made in the aspect of portion size and bread. Indeed, this hamburger is very well recognised and popular in the fast food industry. Additionally, Burger King is known to sell different variants of their Whopper which gets tailored to local tastes, customs or seasons. In fact, for The signature hamburger Whopper’s promotion Burger King even released some special time-limited variants. Lastly, some of the famous variants are the Windows 7 Whopper, Angry Whopper, 3 Meat Whopper, and the Rebel Whopper.

Reception and response of the public towards Whopper Whopper Song Lyrics

Evidently, we can see that the reviews and reception towards the song are mixed. Furthermore, some people in the audience ended up liking it. Whereas, many others in the audience find this song to be irritating and annoying. Additionally, many news outlets around the world have described this song as viral and catchy. Also, they used the phrase “earworm” which often refers to how addictive the jingle is. However, there is an instance which happened during the 2023 NFL Playoffs when some of the fans expressed being frustrated at listening to this song while ad breaks were going on. Thereafter, in 2023, the advertisement did not get played during the Super Bowl LVII.

Instead, Burger King opted to release the song on Spotify on 3rd February 2023. Undoubtedly, this song has become an internet meme now. Lastly, just recently Steve Aoki along with MTV made a remix for the song which ended up winning a lot of recognition.

Whopper Whopper Song Lyrics
Whopper Whopper Song Lyrics

Full lyrics of the song are provided down below:

Whopper, Whopper, Whopper, Whopper
Junior, Double, Triple Whopper
Flame-grilled taste with perfect toppers
I rule this day
Lettuce, mayo, pickle, ketchup
It’s okay if I don’t want that
Impossible or bacon Whopper
Any Whopper my way

You rule, you’re seizin’ the day
At BK, have it your way
(You rule)

Source- Genius.com


Indeed, making and composing this song was a great decision by Burger King from a marketing and advertising standpoint. Evidently, this song ended up getting them a lot of publicity worldwide. This is the end of this blog. We discussed everything related to this song in detail so that you do not happen to miss out on anything. In conclusion, we hope that was entertaining and interesting for you guys. Lastly, if you enjoyed reading this one then consider checking out more of our blogs.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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