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Cartoon Dog Characters From Around The World

Cartoon Dog


Cartoon Dog: In today’s world, everyone is living such a fast life with very hectic and exhausting schedules. Thereafter, at the end of the day every individual needs some kind of entertainment in their life. Furthermore, every individual chooses their source of entertainment according to their preferences. Some might like to watch sports whereas some might like to watch movies or shows. Are you one of those individuals who like watching cartoons to relax yourself and get some entertainment? Or maybe grew up watching cartoons and still time to time tune in to refresh your memories? And, would you be interested in knowing more about some dog cartoon characters from around the world? if you are interested then we will take care of you. Indeed, you are at the right place for it.

In this blog we are going to discuss 5 cute dog cartoon characters and tell you all necessary information regarding them. We will try to be very elaborate and detailed as well. You will not end up missing out on anything. Also, if you are fond of dogs in real life, this blog will be interesting for you. Also, you are sure to get entertained. That is why we are telling you to read this blog till the end because its worth your time.

Number 1: Courage from “Courage the Cowardly Dog” (Cartoon Dog Characters)

Courage is one of the cute dog cartoon characters. Courage is name of a character from self-titled cartoon show named “Courage the Cowardly Dog”. His character gets portrayed as a fearful but courageous dog. In the narrative of the cartoon show, Courage has to face and fight various countless supernatural threats and challenges.

He lives with his family in Nowhere, Kansas. Even though he has a tendency of getting scared easily, he still finds the strength to go ahead and save his owners. Evidently, throughout the cartoon show this dog cartoon saved his owners named Muriel and Eustace from threats many times. There has been many monsters and villains that have been portrayed to torment or threaten them. Courage does this out of love and responsibility towards his owners. He is very brave in such situations even under pressure which signifies his iconic character. He is a pink dog that was found by Muriel Bagge after he escaped from a vet clinic.

Number 2: Slinky Dog from the “Toy Story” movie franchise (Cartoon Dog Characters)

Slinky Dog is a popular dog cartoon character from the world of animation. This character is also well known as Slinky and Slink. Evidently, Slinky Dog is a major supporting character from the narrative of Toy Story franchise. This character can be described as a wooden toy. In all the movies this character can be noticed speaking in a southern hillbilly accent. Furthermore, throughout the narrative of these movies his commitment and loyalty towards Woody is common. Most often he is the first individual who sides with him. Furthermore, this dog toy which can speak in this fictional world has a big spring between his upper body and lower body.

Number 3: Brian Griffin from “Family Guy” (Cartoon Dog Characters)

Brian Griffin is a fictional dog character from Family Guy, an American animated sitcom. Evidently, he is among the main characters of the whole series. In the narrative, this character is portrayed as being a member of the Griffin family. Furthermore, this character has been created, designed as well as voiced by Seth MacFarlane. This character even though not a human has various human traits. Additionally, this cartoon dog character is a white labrador retriever. In the narrative of this series, this character is the best friend of Stewie Griffin. He is a sophisticated dog that can talk. Meanwhile, he contributes in every episode with his sarcasm and dark jokes. Certainly, there has been many instances in which Brian has found himself at odds and clashing with his unconventional family.  Lastly, this character is known to have a very complex personality and dry humour.

Number 4: Bolt from Disney’s movie “Bolt” (Cartoon Dog Characters)

Bolt is a dog cartoon character which appears in his own self-titled movie “Bolt” by Disney. Furthermore, this character is created by Chris Williams and Byron Howard. Bolt is introduced in the narrative of this movie as a dog who is the start of his own TV show. However, he is unaware of this fact and thinks everything that is going on is completely real.Evidently, he spent his entire life on the set of a TV show and while believing that he has superpowers. Additionally, his ignorance is considered to be crucial for the show.

This character is portrayed as a white shepherd. Moreover, this dog has superpowers like super bark and the ability of shooting damaging lasers from his eyes. In the narrative, Bolt happens to find out that he is an actor in a Tv show. Thereafter, he decided to get back home and also learn how to be a normal dog.

Number 5: Scooby-Doo from “Mystery Inc” (Cartoon Dog Characters)

Scooby Doo is among the most beloved dog cartoon animated characters. It is a significant character and a central figure in the franchise of “Scooby Doo Where Are You” and “Mystery Inc”. His character is portrayed as a Great Dane dog. Furthermore, this character is known to get into trouble and causing mischief during his various adventures. Also, he solves mysteries with his human friends who are all part of the Mystery INC. evidently, this character was created by the American animation company named Hanna-Barbera in 1969. Additionally, he is the lifelong companion of Shaggy Rogers. Scooby Doo is closest to him. In fact, they both also share a lot of common traits between them. Also, he is known to have various human traits.

Cartoon Dog
Cartoon Dog


So, this was all. This is the end of this blog. We told you everything that there is to know about these 5 cartoon dog characters. In conclusion, we hope that we managed to entertain you with this information packed blog. Also, if you have childhood memories associated with any of these characters then tell us in the comments below. Lastly, there are tons of other similar blog that might be of your interest.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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