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Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics


Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics: Hello there, we hope that you all are having a nice day. We would like to ask, are you an addict of music who likes listening to it whenever you get the chance to? Furthermore, do you like finding new music to add to your daily playlists? Moreover, did you happen to come upon this track named Ginseng Strip 2002 by Yung Lean during one of your music explorations? And, would you be interested in getting to know more about this song? Well, if that is the case then let us tell you that you have come to the right place. Indeed, we have totally got you covered in this matter. Further, in this blog we are going to discuss everything related to this song that you would possibly need to know. And while doing so we will try to be as detailed and elaborate as we can. Therefore, this blog is going to be packed with information and you might get entertained as well. For the same reason, consider reading this till the end. Surely, you will find out that this is with your time. Now, let’s get into it.

Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics: Song overview and details

SONG NAME- Ginseng Strip 2002

GENRE- Hip Hop and trap

DURATION: 2 minutes and 34 seconds

ARTIST- Yung Lean


SONGWRITERS: Jonatan Hastad (Yung Lean)


RELEASE DATE- 19th January 2013

LABEL- Revenue Records

ALBUM- Lavender EP (Extended Playlist)

YOUTUBE VIEWS: 95 million-plus views on official music video

SPOTIFY STREAMS- 64 million-plus streams

Facts regarding the song Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics

Ginseng Strip 2002 is the most popular song ever released by this Swedish rapper known as Yung Lean. Evidently, it was released on 19th January 2013. Furthermore, Ginseng Strip 2002 was one of the songs included in his debut Extended Playlist named Lavender EP. In addition, the music of this song had been written by an individual named Yung Gud. Whereas, Yung Lean himself wrote the Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics. At the time of its release, the music video of this song went viral on the YouTube platform. Thereafter, it led to him getting a lot of recognition and rising to fame that same year. However, it did not just stop there for this song. In the year 2022, this song again gained popularity. The reason being that the song went viral among the users of the short video sharing platform TikTok. This indeed renewed this song’s popularity. Evidently, Revenue is the name of the record label behind this song’s release and the one which he is signed to. Lastly, this song seemed to get mixed reviews and responses from both critics as well as audiences.

Who is Yung Lean? (Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics)

His official name is Jonatan Aron Leandoer Håstad. However, he is popularly known by his stage name i.e., Yung Lean. He was born on 18th July 1996. Therefore, he is currently a 27-year-old individual. Also, his birthplace is Stockholm, Sweden. He is a Swedish based music artist. Professionally, he is a rapper, singer and a songwriter. Evidently, he gets regarded as one of the most influential music artists in the cloud rap era. Basically, cloud rap is another one of the song genres of Hip hop that got popular in the late 2000s. In addition, Yung Lean embarked on his journey of creating music back in the year 2012. Although, he is still actively making music. He has also been a member of groups like Sad Boys and Dod Mark. Currently, he is signed to various record labels named Sad Boys Entertainment, Mishka NYC, Sky Team and Year0001. Lastly, he has released many mixtapes, albums and EPs over time.

Chart performances of the song Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics

Following are the chart performances of this song that it managed to gather in the year 2022 when it went viral on TikTok:

  • Canada (Canadian Hot 100) – 55
  • Global 200 (Billboard) – 47
  • Sweden Heat seeker – 4

Meaning behind the Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics

As has been noted, the Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics has been written by Yung Lean himself. There is no extra contribution from anyone else. According to sources, he claimed that while in the process of recording this song he just treated as a mic check. Furthermore, the lyrics talk about topics related to sex. It describes various sensitive topics. Moreover, the narrative of this song also includes discussion about drugs and stories related to it. Meanwhile, in this song’s lyrics he also gives a reference about Zooey Deschanel, an American actress and musician. Specifically, he talks about having oral sex with a girl who is a cocaine addict and resembles Zooey Deschanel in appearance.

Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics
Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics

Ginseng Strip 2002 lyrics: Full lyrics of the song are given down below



Arizona Iced Out Boys

Yung Leandoer, shawty

Emotional boys, 2001

Emotional shawties in this bitch


[Verse 1]

Bitches come and go, brah

But you know I stay

Bitches come and go, brah

But you know I stay

Got my balls licked

By a Zooey Deschanel look-alike cocaine addict

Razor blade to your head

Conflict, I’m a contradicted shit

Peeing on old people’s houses is an inflict

2003 shit

This ain’t no splitting bills, shit

I’ma peel Banana Skids

While listenin’ to R. Kelly’s greatest hits


Yung Lean in the club

For some morphine (Morphine)

Yung Lean up in the club

For some morphine (Morphine)

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Travis Scott


Travis Scott

Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd

Lana Del Rey

[Verse 2]

Poppin’ pills like zits

While someone vomits on your mosquito tits

Slitting wrists while dark evil spirits like Slytherin

Slither in with tricks, I’m sick

Acid trip makes my spitting sick

And makes me start hitting chicks

Knitting thick, shitting quick, fitting dick

Like transmitting shit with an AIDS stick

Think you’re gay as fuck like a fish stick

Tequila shots and salt licks

Getting balls in your face like a free kick

Yung Lean stays motherfuckin’ freaky (Bitch)


Yung Lean in the club

For some morphine (Morphine)

Yung Lean up in the club

For some morphine (Morphine)

[Verse 3]

Rotten teeth like Gargamel

I cast a spell, you keep on tryin’ to yell

Bet your dead body stinks worse than my S’well

Well, Lean expels

Diagrams as if they were made in Excel

Fuck fat hoes like Adele

Get my dick stuck inside a lamp shell

Get it out with sperm cells and hair gel

Swim in Mexico, mademoiselle

Point and laugh while he fell

Who’s laughing now, now that I’m explosive like Alfred Nobel

Yung Lean only attracts an older clientele

Very well (Bitch, yeah)


Indeed, this is a very unique song which discusses topics not suitable for everyone. That is why this song had various mixed reactions from the audience as well as the critics. This brings us to the end of this blog. Now you might enjoy this song even more than before with all this new knowledge. We hope that we managed to entertain you. Also, that you found this informational by reading this far. Lastly, if you like such type of content you can even consider reading more of our blogs. Surely, you will find something suitable to your interests.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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