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NEFERPITOU: In the world of entertainment today, anime content has managed to make a big name for itself. Undeniably, anime content right now has a lot of recognition and influence. Fans from all around the world consume their content. Furthermore, their popularity has risen through the roof. Be it movies or series, anime has a wide variety of content to provide. Are you one of those individuals who are fond of watching anime movies and series? Indeed, it helps in satisfying our needs for entertainment. Moreover, have you come across and watched this anime series titled Hunter X Hunter? Lastly, are you interested in knowing more about this specific character from its narrative named Neferpitou? If you are, then you are at the right place and you do not need to go anywhere. Indeed, we have got you covered.

In this blog, we are going to provide you all the information related to this character in full detail. Evidently, everything that you need to know will be discussed elaborately. We will include things like the character’s role, plot, appearance and much more. Surely, you are going to get entertained. This is worth your while that is why we request you to read this till the end.

A famous dialogue by Neferpitou in the narrative of “Hunter X Hunter”

In the narrative of this anime series, following were his last words:

“If anyone had to bear the brunt of his rage, I’m glad I was the one to die!!”

Overview & Details of Neferpitou


ANIME NAME– Hunter X Hunter



GENDER– Ambiguous (Pronouns- They, Them)



STATUS– Dead/Deceased

TYPE– Specialization


  • Chimera Ant Queen
  • Royal Guards
  • Chimera Ant King

OCCUPATION– Chimera Ant Royal Guard

RELATIVES– Chimera Ant Queen (Progenitress)


  • Terpsichore
  • Doctor Blythe
  • Puppeteering


  • High intelligence
  • Nen
  • Healing
  • Intimidation
  • Immense strength
  • Immense durability
  • Immense speed and reflexes


  • Mass murder
  • Psychological abuse
  • Attempted genocide
  • Torture
  • Mutilation
  • Brainwashing
  • Aiding and abetting

TYPE OF VILLAIN– Loyal Henchman

Who is Neferpitou?

This character fulfils a significant role in the narrative of this anime series. Evidently, this character portrays as being one of the secondary antagonists of this anime series. Furthermore, this character’s gender is depicted as being ambiguous. Therefore, this character’s pronouns are they, them, etc. this character’s role is in the Chimera Ant Arc of the series. This character is the Chimera Ant. Moreover, this character was also one of the three Royal Guards of King Meruem. The other two Royal Guards were Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi. This character was the oldest born Royal Guards to Chimera Ant King. All three were given their names personally by the Queen. Lastly, similar to Menthuthuyoupi, this character also does not seem to remember anything regarding his previous life. Hence, having no memories from the past.

Neferpitou: About the anime series “Hunter X Hunter”

Hunter X Hunter is a very popular anime series that have originated out of Japan. Its name is pronounced as hunter hunter and the X is silent. The narrative of this anime series is totally based on its manga. This manga has the same exact title as the anime. Additionally, the manga it is based on is written and illustrated by the famous Japanese manga artist named Yoshihiro Togashi. This anime series is known to have elements from various genres such as Adventure, Fantasy and Martial Arts. Evidently, this anime series had its first airing on 16th October 1999. Thereafter, it got concluded on 31st March 2001. Till the time it was airing, this anime series managed to release a total of 62 episodes spanning various seasons. This anime series has been written by Nobuaki Kishima. Lastly, it is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi.


Appearance of Neferpitou

Her character is portrayed of a beautiful young girl. Furthermore, in the narrative her appearance can be described as being a human looking cat. Evidently, she has wavy white coloured hair. Also, the length of her hair is medium length, hence, just till her shoulders. Moreover, this character seems to have ears that are similar to cats. Along with a tail. Both the tail and ears have yellow and white coloured fur on them. This character’s knees have different kind of joints which can be compared with legs of insects. Certainly, her hand is larger than usual human hand. In clothes, this character styles a blue overcoat which has yellow buttons. Also, this overcoat has cuff links. Along with this, the character styles short along with orange-coloured socks. The socks also seem to have thin black stripes. Lastly, she wears a pair of blue shoes.

Personality and Behaviour of Neferpitou

This character is portrayed to be very loyal to the king. In fact, this character would even sacrifice itself for the king if needed. Among the three Royal Guards, this character was the most curious one. Evidently, this character also seemed to get distracted very easily. Also, this character loves to play games. Indeed, this character used to get carried away while playing and having fun. Her character is very cheerful and playful. However, on the other side has a personality that can be described as cruel as well as terrifying. Lastly, this character is very dedicated towards its purposes like responsibilities regarding the king.


Indeed, this is a very interesting and unique character. This character contributed significantly to the narrative of this anime series. Such characters when integrated with unique narratives lead to a successful anime. This is the end of this blog. We hope that we managed to entertain you. Lastly, there are tons of others blogs similar to this that you might enjoy and find suitable to your interests.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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