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Huel Review


Huel Review: In today’s time, everyone is living a very fast life with extremely hectic schedules.  With all these busy schedules sometimes, individuals end up missing out on necessary nutrition. People do not give their diet and nutrition enough attention. The reason behind this is majorly the lack of time that they can invest in this concern. In such cases, food supplements and ready-to-eat packaged food acts as meal replacements for people. Well, are you one of those individuals who is working and have no time to invest in fulfilling your nutrition needs?

Moreover, are you looking to find a reliable brand that can provide you with supplements and meal replacements? Lastly, are you on the internet specifically looking around to know more about this brand named “Huel”? If these questions relate to your needs, then you have landed at the right corner of the internet. In this blog, we are going to provide you with all the information that you need regarding this brand. We will provide you with a detailed review of it. Indeed, it is going to be very beneficial and informative for you. For the same reason, we request that you read this till the end.

What is the need of such brands in the market space? (Huel Review)

As has been noted, people are living a very hectic life. For the same reason, they are unable to invest some time in fulfilling their body’s nutritional needs. Some of the people do not have time. Whereas, some others are just too lazy to put efforts in this regard. Things like untimely meals, missing out on meals or eating inappropriately all are degrading your body.

Undeniably, what we eat and drink considerably affects our health. However, people seem to be ignorant of the fact that they should keep their health and nutrition in check. For these people who have very little time to invest or are just simply lazy such brands like Huel prove to be very beneficial. The major part of this brand and its unique selling point is that it is very convenient for individuals to use their products. Convenience and availability are major factors behind such brands being relevant nowadays. Lastly,

Overview and details of the brand: Huel Review

Company name- Huel

Industry- Meal replacements and supplements

Founded- 2014 (It has been 10 years in total)

Founders- Julian Hearn and James Collier

Headquarters- Tring, Hertfordshire and London, Birmingham in the UK. Whereas, in the USA their headquarters is in New York City

CEO- James McMaster (Since November 2017)

All you need to know about the brand: Huel Review

Firstly, the name itself has a hidden pun inside it. The name of this brand Huel is made up by combining two words i.e. human and fuel. This brand can be described as a complete nutrition brand. Furthermore, this brand is known to operate under the official name of Huel Ltd. This brand is known to manufacture and sell plant-based meals along with different kinds of snacks, drinks, and supplements. Simply, this brand aims to provide food supplements and meal replacements to its consumers. Huel claims that all their products are made using quality oats, rice protein, pea protein, sunflower, flaxseed, coconut oil MCTs, and many other dietary supplements.

This is a private company with no known association with any government body. Additionally, this brand and company was founded back in 2014. Indeed, it has been 10 years since. Moreover, the founders of this brand are named Julian Hearn and James Collier. Also, you must be used to seeing that a company has 1 headquarters for all their operations. However, Huel has various headquarters in the UK and USA. Specifically, in the UK, one of them is in Tring, Hertfordshire. Whereas, the other one is in London, Birmingham. Thereafter, in the USA, the headquarters are in New York City. Lastly, their current serving CEO is James McMaster. Also, he has been the CEO since November of 2017.

Huel Review
Huel Review

More about the brand: Huel Review

This brand initially started as a powdered supplement brand. In the start they only used to sell supplements in powder form or what you can call a ready-made drink. However, now they have started selling energy bars along with meals like Mac and cheese, Thai Green Curry, and Mexican Chilli. Moreover, there is also a Huel Black Edition. The black edition can be described as having high amounts of protein as well as less carbs. The key difference here is the micronutrient breakdown. Also, it is a 400kcal meal. Lastly, this meal is also gluten-free.

Huel Review: What do the public think about this brand and its products?

This brand has managed to gain positive as well as negative reviews from the public. One part of the public enjoys their experience with this brand and its products. They appreciate what they are getting. However, there is also the public that thinks these products are not up to the mark. furthermore, the negative reviews claim the brand to be as unreliable. Also, some claim that these food supplements might interfere with your health and body. Moreover, many health experts and Dieticians have made statements that using Huel regularly should not be considered. Also, if you want to replace your normal meals with their products you should not exceed more than 1 meal a day.


Indeed, this is a great brand that has been selling supplements and artificial meal products. You can consider checking their products out. And if you like what you order from them then it is good for you. However, be smart about what you include in your usual diets. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that we managed to be as informative and beneficial as you were expecting us to. Lastly, there are many other blogs that you can consider checking out.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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