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Mark Goldbridge

Do you love to watch football? Well, if yes then you must have heard the name Mark Goldbridge who is a famous YouTuber and radio presenter. In this article, we will explore every phase of his life in detail from early life to the trolling. Moreover, if you are a fan of him then this article is a must to read. Hence, stick around with this article! What’s more, let’s start this story ahead!

Mark Goldbridge’s real name is Brent De Cesar. Later, he adopted the name “Mark Goldbridge” when he started his YouTube career. This is because his employers asked him to use a different name while working as a police officer investigating financial fraud. He was born on April 7, 1979, Goldbridge is a native of Nottingham and settled in Solihull in 2019. Since then, he has been a British YouTuber and radio presenter. Certainly, he is best known for his videos on Manchester United’s dedicated fan channel, The United Stand.

Personal information and more

Stage NameMark Goldbridge
Real NameBrent De Cesar
BirthdayApril 7, 1979
Zodiac SignAries
Age44 years
BirthplaceNottingham, United Kingdom
HometownNottingham, United Kingdom

Youtube career: Mark Goldbridge

Goldbridge has four YouTube channels: “The United Stand” for Manchester United news, “That’s Football” for both football and non-Manchester United sport watchlongs. After that, “Mark Goldbridge That’s” for livestream clips Entertainment.” Then “Mark Goldbridge” for personal content such as cooking and vlogs.

He launched “The United Stand” as “Soccer Box TV” in 2014. But, initially focusing on watching Premier League games before moving on to post-game reactions to Manchester United games. Later, he started live streaming watchalongs of matches, which BBC Sport likened to a more casual online version of Sky Sports’ Soccer Saturday.

Donations and charity streams

In September 2022, Goldbridge dominated the YouTube All-Stars team in a sidemen charity game, raising more than £1,000,000 for charity. Despite losing 8-7 to Sidemen FC, he attracts the style of play known as ‘Goldbridge Ball’. In March 2023, Goldbridge played their first live shows with The United Stand in Dublin, Manchester and London.

Then, in September 2023, he returned to host the YouTube All-Stars in a sidemen charity tournament, raising more than £2,400,000. Despite losing 8-5 to Sidemen FC, Goldbridge was praised for his managerial skills, especially his inspirational half-time team speech. In November 2023, Goldbridge raised more than £52,000 for end-of-life charity Marie Curie.  However, this was part of his ongoing annual charity event where Goldbridge participated in several video games on YouTube for 24 hours.

Net worth of Mark Goldbridge

Goldbridge is worth about $1.5 million according to various sources. After his involvement in managing sides, he is clearly not new to managing football clubs. In 2019, he was the inaugural manager of his amateur football club, United Stand FC.  However, those influential people entered and participated in the competition.

Overview on social media accounts


The united channel1.82 million subscribers9.7k videos
That’s football1.1 million subscribers2.4k videos
That’s entertainment290 k subscribers1.4 videos
Mark Goldbridge336k subscribers314 videos


Goldbridgemark461k followers- 750 posts

X (formerly known as twitter)

Mark goldbridge803.1k followers

The United Stand Controversy

Goldbridge fans were on a rollercoaster ride as rumours of his departure from The United Stand began to grow.  However, some thought he was leaving the department that spread noise and misinformation on the Internet. But Goldbridge, the same man, cleared the air with a 42-second YouTube video titled “Is Mark Goldbridge Leaving United Stand”. In the video, he revealed that the six-week news was about something else on his YouTube channel. After that, he assured fans that he wasn’t going to say goodbye to the show when he didn’t spill all the details, he asked his fans the faithful indeed to look forward to it. However, it was a breath of fresh air for his fans, who couldn’t imagine the internet without his entertaining acts and football insights.

Family and early life

He was born and raised in Nottingham, England.  Moreover, Mark grew up in a football-loving family in Nottingham. Additionally, his father is a Chelsea fan, while his mother and grandfather support United. Furthermore, he has supported Manchester United since he was working as a policeman by profession. Mark’s parents separated when he was only 6 years old. His father used to take him to Forest games, which led some to believe he was a Forest fan and not a genuine United fan. Mark explained that Forest should only be supported against a United opposition.

Mark Goldbridge wife and children

Goldbridge first met his wife, Ireland, when he was in his early 20s. later, the couple got married in June 2008 and are happily married till date. Currently, they have three children together – two daughters and a son and the family lives together in Solihull.

Mark Goldbridge
Mark Goldbridge

Final Say!

Briefly, we have talked a lot about the Gold Bridge from his YouTube career to his controversy. Undoubtedly, he is a famous YouTube personality and radio presenter. Of course, he helped a lot of people through charity streams and donations. But he also faced many controversies and trolling during his career. This article is a must to read for you if you are a fan of him, we hope that you read this article thoroughly. However, if you liked the content of this article, leave a reply! Toddles!


  • Mark has made it to the list of the most popular YouTube stars.
  • He also went on a list of celebrities born in the United Kingdom.
  • He started his YouTube channel in 2013.
  • Mark’s parents divorced when he was just 6 years old.
  • His father is a Chelsea fan, while his mother and grandfather support United.
  • He becomes the first football YouTuber to reach 1 million subscribers.
  • Her audience is predominantly male and ranges in age from 18-34. He often collaborates with other football YouTubers such as True Geordie and Hugh Wizzy.

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