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SOOBIN: Are you a fan of TXT? You certainly are! Do you want to learn more about the members of this K-pop band? So be here with us and read this article till the end. Korean pop also known as K-pop has earned an international following and countless fans over the years. In the present day, K-pop is more popular than it ever was. It has different groups like BTS, TXT, Blackpink, Etc.TXT which stands for Tomorrow X Together has become one of the K-pop sensations internationally that has got fans crazy! It was formed by Big Hit Entertainment which is known as Big Hit Music. The TXT band calls their fans MOA which stands for ‘Moment of alwaysness’.In this article, you will learn about one of the TXT members, Soobin, and his early life, career, age, net worth, bio, and some unknown facts!


Soobin is a very popular South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and social media influencer. Well, his birth name is Choi Soo-Bin but he is best known as Soobin. He was born into an Asian family.

Soobin has never revealed the identity of his parents. Furthermore, he has never talked about his siblings and other family members. Therefore, there is no information about his family.


Choi Soo-Bin was born on 5th December 2000 in Ansan. It is a city in South Korea. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Soobin has completed his high school education from Kyongsu Middle School. It is located in the capital city of South Korea. Later, he joined Asian High School but he dropped out later.

He carried out his education in entertainment and broadcasting course at Global Cyber University.


Soobin was fond of music since his childhood. And in a short span, he has become an idol in the South Korean music industry. In an interview, Soobin reveals that he is fond of languages and hence, wants to be an interpreter or a psychologist. But after performing in a talent show in his early life, he recognized his interest in music and performance. Therefore, he decided to carry out his career in the K-pop music industry.

For his first audition for Big Hit in 2016, he filmed his video in his bedroom. But he was selected by the Big Hit Music and was called in for the second audition.

Soobin in TXT is a rapper, vocalist, and dancer. Despite not being the oldest in the group, Soobin is the leader of TXT.

Soobin’s solo fandom name is SOOBRANGDAN

Soobin along with rest four members of TXT made their debut with the release of ‘The Dream Chapter: Star’.

After the success of their debut, they released their album ‘The Dream Chapter: Magic’.

Soobin has also acted as an ambassador for a few companies like Louis Vuitton and Converse.


Talking of the tallest member in the group, Soobin also has quite a maintained body. Since he is an actor, he takes care of his physical appearance and physique. Hence, he does work out to maintain his well-shaped body.

Furthermore, he stands 6 feet 1 inches tall and his body weight is around 65 kg.

His brown hair along with brown eyes contributes to his charming personality.


We’re not sure about Soobin’s net worth since he has not revealed his annual income in the media. But according to some sources, Choi Soo-Bin’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.5 million.


  • Reading
  • Listening to music


There are some facts about Soobin which are not known by many. We know you want to know everything about your favorite artist! Read all the facts to know more about Soobin –

Soobin was the 2nd TXT member to be selected.

  • He is a bread lover
  • Soobin’s nicknames are – Soosoo, Binnie, Binbin
  • Soobin is fond of mint choco chip ice cream
  • He loves rice cakes
  • His favorite kind of books are life-helping books.
  • He is a dog-lover
  • He would date Yeonjun if he were a girl.
  • He wanted to become a singer just because he was fond of KARA and wished to meet him.
  • He checks comments every day.
  • He has lovely dimples on his cheeks
  • Soobin is not a picky eater but doesn’t like spicy food
  • He avoids fish cakes
  • His favorite member from BTS is Jin.
  • He has a hedgehog
  • Raccoon is his favorite animal


When it comes to social media, Soobin is mostly active online. He has an account on Instagram, FB, and Twitter Furthermore, he has more than 1M followers on Instagram. Along with his talent, his interesting posts and cute pictures attract many followers.


The ‘Tomorrow X Together’ sensation and K-pop idol Soobin is not just famous in South Korea but has earned millions of fans globally! Along with his singing capabilities, he also has a charming and attractive personality. He proves to be truly an idol for his fans. Not just that! He is also an inspiration for many as he never fails to balance his professional and personal life. In this article, we have told you about Soobin’s early life, career, physical appearance, and some interesting facts. We hope you enjoyed knowing more about your favorite K-pop artist. Like this article and share it with K-pop fans!

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