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Olive Street Food Cafe


Olive Street Food Cafe: Evidently, food is a significant and necessary part of every being’s life on this planet Earth. Furthermore, aside from being a necessity food is something that can be experimented with. Consequently, there are various cuisines and different dishes that humans treat themselves with. Across different regions of the world, innovation combined with local culture leads to more cuisines and dishes being invented. Undeniably, it is a great experience to try different things out there exploring unique tastes. Moreover, around the world there are hundreds of restaurants, cafes and other food chains. Indeed, it feels like a journey going through different menus.

Well, are you a foodie and an enthusiast of exploring different meals/cuisines? Furthermore, are you a fan of the taste of South Indian food? And, have you ever visited or came across the name Olive Street Food Cafe? Lastly, is the foodie inside making you curious to know more about this cafe and what it has to offer? If you are interested, then we have got you completely covered. In this blog, we are going to tell you everything relevant and important about this cafe that you need to know. While doing so we will dive deep into detail and be very elaborate. Consequently, this blog is going to be packed with information that will come in handy for you. For the same reason, we encourage you to read this till the end. Surely, you will find this to be worth your while.

Overview and details of Olive Street Food Cafe

  • rsday (12:30 pm to 11:30 pm)
  • Friday (2:00 pm to 11:30 pm)
  • Saturday and Sunday (12:30 pm to 11:30 pm)

What is Olive Street Food Cafe?

Olive Street Food Cafe is a very popular food cafe located in Bengaluru Karnataka. Evidently, this cafe has multiple locations which we will tell you about later. This cafe is very suitable for people who are in tight budgets and want to consume tasty Street food items. This cafe is very popular for its budget friendly prices throughout the menu and a variety of options. Evidently, this cafe chain has multiple locations in the region of Karnataka and Kerala. Some of the most popular items in their menu are burgers, wraps, shakes, juices and Chinese cuisine items. And, almost everyone can afford what they have to offer. In Bengaluru and Kerala combined there are total 5 locations. And, all the outlets maintain the same high-quality food and servings along with good aesthetics in the interior.

Location and contact information of the Olive Street Food Cafe’s outlets in Karnataka and Kerala

  • BENGALURU BTM LAYOUT: 17th Main Road, BTM 2nd Stage, MCHS Colony, Olive Street Food Cafe, BTM Layout, Bengaluru (Contact: 7892187318)
  • KAMMANAHALLI: Kammanahalli, Building No 2473, Papaiah Road, Near Dr Raj Kumar Park, St Town, Bangalore (Contact: 918147124118)
  • MANGALORE: Inland Avenue building, Ground floor, near Sreedevi College, Ballalbagh, Mangalore (Contact: 917736414117)
  • KASARAGOD: New bus stand building, opposite Big Bazaar, Kasaragod (Contact: 919526894115)
  • KANHANGAD: Puthiyakotta – Bustand Road, North Kottachery, Puthiyavalapu, Kanhangad (Contact: 9526894116)

Reviews of Olive Street Food Cafe: What do the customers have to say?

As we all know, there are multiple outlets of this cafe chain. People who love street food with a blend of South Indian cuisine often get attracted towards their outlets. Many people on the internet have left positive reviews along with appreciation. People compliment these Cafes for the environment and aesthetic that they have built in their outlets’ interior. Moreover, many people believe that the menu of these Cafes are full of delightful and delicious food options. According to customers, there is a lot of innovation as well as quality control in what they serve. However, the only criticism that we were able to find is that there is not enough sitting space for everyone to sit and they are often crowded.

Appealing cuisine and dishes of Olive Street Food Cafe

There is a lot of diversity in the menu of Olive Cafe. Furthermore, according to them they put maximum efforts possible in quality control of the items that they serve. They claim that they make use of the freshest vegetables in their stock to prepare all the food options. Indeed, the food that is served here can be described as mouth-watering and very appealing. And, after taking a bite you will find it to taste even better than your expectations. Also, they make sure to emphasize hygiene. For the same reason, they take extra care of cleanliness in their kitchens as well as dining areas. Their outlets are known to avoid littering successfully. As a result of all this they are able to provide the best service and food to the customers.

Olive Street Food Cafe
Olive Street Food Cafe

Menu of Olive Street Food Cafe


  • Chicko porotta roll
  • Porotta lays chicken mix
  • Grilled lays chicken mix
  • Porotta cheeripanhath
  • Grilled porotta shawarma
  • Chicken Lahori roll
  • Mughlai porotta roll
  • Steak porotta roll
  • Bombay porotta roll
  • Lucknow grilled porotta
  • Mughalai cheese porotta roll
  • Sikkandar grilled porotta
  • Jumbo king roll
  • Mughlai burger
  • Steak burger
  • OMG burger
  • Hum burger
  • Cab’s own burger
  • Fatty desi burger
  • Omlette lays bun
  • Mughlai sandwich
  • Steak club
  • Mixed club
  • Old madras club


  • Chikku
  • Oreo
  • Oreo mango
  • Papaya
  • Sharjah
  • Banana
  • Choco-banana
  • Apple
  • Anar
  • Mango shake
  • Strawberry
  • Butter scotch
  • Cucumber body cooler
  • Badam shake
  • Cold coffee blast
  • Kitkat

Note- this is not the complete menu we just specified a part of the menu and its items.


We discussed each and everything relevant about this café that might be relevant for you. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that we managed to provide you with enough information regarding this cafe. And, if you end up visiting one of their outlets and trying their food do tell us in the comments. Lastly, please consider checking out more of our blogs if found this one to be good enough and worth your time.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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