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Target .com: Do online or offline shopping through this store

Target .com


Target .com: In today’s time technological advancement has touched new peaks. Moreover, the advancement of technology has had considerable impact on other sectors of our life. In a similar way, to make things more convenient and effortless e commerce along with online shopping was invented. Well, are you an individual who relies on online shopping and goes on offline shopping sometimes? Moreover, have you ever heard of the name Target? And, are you interested in knowing more about this retail store chain? If you have curiosity then we will satiate it for you.

In this blog, we are going to add all the information related to this brand of retail store chain that is relevant and you might be interested in. Moreover, We will be very elaborate to give you as much knowledge as possible. Indeed, this is going to be very beneficial for you. That is why it is worth reading till the end.

Overview and details of Target Corporation (target .com)

  • Name- Target
  • Former names-
  • Goodfellow Dry Goods (1902–1903)
  • Dayton’s Dry Goods Company (1903–1910)
  • Dayton Company (1910–1962)
  • Dayton Corporation (1962–1969)
  • Dayton-Hudson Corporation (1969–2000)
  • Company type- Public
  • Traded as- NYSE: TGT
  • Industry- Retail
  • Founded- corporation was found on 24th June 1902. Whereas, the store chain was founded on 1st May 1962
  • Founders- George Dayton, Douglas Dayton and John Geisse
  • Headquarters- Target Plaza, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
  • Number of locations- according to data from early 2024 they have more than 1950 stores as of now.
  • Areas served- United States and Canada
  • Key people- Brian C Cornell (Chairman and CEO)
  • Parent company- Dayton Corporation
  • Subsidiary- Shipt

All you need to know about Target (Target .com)

Target Corporation is a very prominent American retail store chain. In this chain, there are many discount department stores and hypermarkets. Evidently, the headquarters of this brand is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, according to various data, this retail store chain is the seventh largest retailer in the whole United States of America. Furthermore, it is a known component of the S&P 500 index. Certainly, it is also among the largest private employers in the United States of America. And, they are even American owned. This company was founded back in 1902 by an upcoming businessman named George Dayton. And, as time passed, the company grew stronger with the help of expansion as well as major acquisitions. Moreover, the first store was opened by this company in 1962. Notably, after the merger with JL Hudson Company this company got rebranded as Dayton Hudson Corporation.

Subsidiaries of Target (Target .com)

  • Target Brands Inc
  • Target Capital Corporation
  • Target Enterprise
  • Target General Merchandise

Private label products of Target Corporation (Target .com)

Target Brands Inc which is a subsidiary of Target basically focuses on the work related to brand management. Moreover, this division is known to oversee the private label products of the company. Following is a list of these private label products:

  • Good & gather
  • Market pantry
  • Sutton & Dodge
  • Boots & Barkley
  • Embark
  • Room essentials
  • Brightroom
  • Threshold
  • Wondershop
  • Hyde and Eek
  • Fieldcrest
  • Up and up
  • Xhilaration
  • Pillowfort
  • Cat and Jack
  • Cloud island
  • Project 62
  • Goodfellow & Co
  • A new day
  • Joylab
  • Hearth and hand
  • Universal thread
  • & Many more
Target .com
Target .com

About Target’s Subsidiary brand “Shipt” (target .com)

Shipt is a very prominent delivery service provider that originated from America. Evidently, it is a subsidiary and is owned by the Target Corporation. Evidently, the headquarters of this brand is in Birmingham, Alabama. Initially, this was a stand-alone business. However, in December 2017, this brand was acquired by Target Corporation for $550 million. Thereafter, it has been an independent subsidiary of Target. However, this brand is known to deliver groceries, home products and a few electronics. Hence, the name of the founder of this company is Bill Smith. Moreover, the current CEO of this company is Kamau Witherspoon. Lastly, this brand only serves in the metropolitan regions of the USA. As of now this brand does not have an international presence.

About the former parent company of Target named Dayton’s (target .com)

Dayton used to be a very relevant American department store chain. It was founded back in 1902 in Minnesota. The headquarters of this brand was in the same place. The name of this company’s founder is George Drapery Dayton. And throughout this store chain’s time it was owned by the Dalton Family. Evidently, this department store became dysfunctional on 12th January 2001. Thereafter, all the locations that were under this brand got converted to outlets of Marshall Field.


We tried our best to give you all the relevant information related to Target. For the same reason, we maintained accuracy as well as being elaborate. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that we managed to provide you with all the information that you needed. Lastly, please consider checking out more of our blogs by going on our homepage.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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